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The Red Chair

by Elaine Weiner-Reed


30H x 60W (Diptych)

Price on Request

The Red Chair

© 2019 Elaine Weiner-Reed

Life stops for no one.

As much as we would sometimes like it to stop…even

For a few seconds…

To savor a moment in time, a scene, an exchange.

Or maybe we could just slow down its passage as we cherish

Its passage, its gifts, its scents and sounds… sweet seconds with our children or


Our own youth.

Bigger than life itself, TIME looms,

Flies, slows down, or speeds up.

So, let me take a “time out” … a moment to sit in the Red Chair and

Replay scenes of life. Moments in time.

Stop the world…

I see moments flying by me…

I see the red chair but cannot get to it for a longed for “time out.”

My stopping of the clock. My savoring of a memory.


This is my salute to mortality and that

All-too-short dance that is my beautiful life.

Stop. The. World.

I want to get off…just for a few seconds. I promise.

I need to sit down…now.

Just for a moment.

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