Uncommon Vision


         As an artist, my life and creative process are connected. Underpinning my joie de vivre is an analytical mind that never stops trying to comprehend and make sense of human behavior, relationships, and motivations. Regardless of the subject matter of an artwork or the resulting effect, during the creative process I am consciously and unconsciously engaged in unraveling mysteries and seeking answers...or if not answers, at least some explanation of a scenario that makes sense.

          I love the physicality of painting and creating. I am an action painter and firmly believe that “Art is an Action Word.” Entering my studio, I turn on the music and tune into my intuition and emotions. I continually move around my paintings in a painting-specific improvisational dance and that energy serves as the undercarriage of my work.  I often have up to ten paintings in various stages of progress. Sometimes I work from sketches, but generally I go into the studio armed only with my idea, a memory, and a mood. As I tune out the world and lose myself in the creative process, I splash, pour, draw, and sculpt with paint and plaster, layering to create the undertones and undercurrents of a particular scenario or dynamic.

          I begin each work with an idea. While painting, I give free rein to my intuition, submerging into the activity of painting. Listening to a lively or moody Jazz (Maynard Ferguson, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Claude Nougaro), a beloved Rock selection, or a nostalgic song by Chimene Badi, I begin each painting with anticipation and joy and an idea. Over the following hours and weeks, I alternate between periods of intuition and critical thinking - thoughtfully evolving each piece and engaging alternatively in automatism, construction, and deconstruction. Everything - every stroke and thought - that goes into the creation of a painting is integral to its existence."   

                                            - Yours in Art and Gratitude,

                                                             Elaine Weiner-Reed

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Paths intersect.  Lives are impacted. Identities evolve.

Everything happens for a reason.


Life is messy, unfinished, and beautiful.

     Elaine Weiner-Reed’s work is an ongoing excavation into the psychology of relationships from the inside out. Her work focuses on unraveling the complexity and mystery of human emotion, choices, and behavior, featuring the individual within or outside of a group dynamic. With an investigator’s precision and artist’s intuitive perspective, she explores the energy, motivations, chemistry, and undercurrents between individuals. She explores the evolution of one’s identity in all its layers, highlighting facets of man’s solitary existence within an increasingly globalized world. She creates iconic or allegorical reflections depicting the dimensions and inter-dependencies in relationships to resurrect feelings of transcendence, mystery, and hope. Weiner-Reed honors the individual spirit and personal history of different characters as they exist, survive, and interact, envisioning their stories as pictorial medleys evolving as their worlds turn.

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     Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) is an award-winning, internationally known Artist. Bilingual in French, Weiner-Reed currently resides in Maryland, where she has lived and worked for over 38 years as a professional artist and writer. Retired in 2017 from a tandem 37-year career, she engages as a creative mentor and research associate with professionals at Johns Hopkins University HLTCOE, among others. Her mind and heart are always fully engaged, and her art and life has been and always will be steeped in meaning and filled with purpose, creativity, hope, gratitude, insight, intuition, and sincerity. Known for her uncommon vision and often referred to as an Abstract Expressionist Artist, Weiner-Reed finds inspiration in life, nature, and everyday encounters and experiences.

     Born a twin, Elaine Weiner-Reed strove to resist her generation’s predetermined rules and boundaries to distinguish herself and create her own unique identity. Her search for identity and originality sharpened her mind, and forged an intuitive, free soul that fiercely guards and nourishes her art. Her artwork focuses on unraveling the complexity and mystery of human emotion, behavior, and relationships, featuring the individual within or outside of a group dynamic. Her art is an outgrowth of her fascination with relationships and with trying to understand them. It is the exploration of human dynamics and their full and colorful spectrum of emotions and mystery. A caring student of human nature, Weiner-Reed recognizes that all relationships are complex. No two are ever the same. She is insatiably curious and that intellectual curiosity drives her desire to understand the story behind a situation or relationship. Everything she sees and experiences feeds into her art, as she continually hones and revises her perceptions. She takes insomnia and life's adventure where it leads her.

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Curriculum Vitae

Weiner-Reed’s work has been included in international exhibitions in China, Hong Kong, India, Spain, France, Poland, Italy, Canada, and at least 25 national exhibits across the U.S. – to include three solo/featured and two other group shows in Chelsea (NYC).  Her art is in public and private collections in Poland, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Africa, and the U.S.            


●     International Artist Residency, Myslenice, Poland (July 2017): Selectee/Participant in the Poland Ministry of Culture and European Union-sponsored and funded Warsztaty Artystyczne (WMAXX Jubilee, 20th Annual) – Towarzystwo.


●     Museum/Opera Collection, AIAIP (Associazione Internazional Arte Plastiche Italia), Torento, Italy: “Mirror’s Edge” (painting)

●     Metropolitan Gallery Las Vegas/Art Museum, MGLV (formerly Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, SNMFA), Permanent Collection (Gallery 10): “Primal Scream” (painting)