Sticks and Stones.JPG

Sticks and Stones

by Elaine Weiner-Reed

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me." While true in theory, and a great defense mechanism to teach the young, over time we realize that as much as we would like it to be, real life is not a fairy tale.

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36" x 24"

Acrylic /Mixed Media


Elaine Weiner-Reed's "Masks and Mirrors: An Exploration of Identity" Solo Exhibition Series explores identity in all its facets, phases, trials, and tribulations. From one's first glimpse of self in the mirror to survival across time thanks to defense mechanisms with which we arm ourselves, this exhibition and series honors the journey, celebrates humanity, unravels relationships, and contemplates the Legacy of a life well-lived. Everyday heroes walk with and among us. Their lives inspire!

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