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Heart and Soul

by Elaine Weiner-Reed

Elaine Weiner-Reed – Art As Identity | Visual Storytelling

My art focuses on identities and relationships as people interact with each other, their own space, and the world around them. My connection to music and dance goes as far back as I remember and has always been entwined with my life and my art. Informed by life, my paintings take shape in music.

Heart and Soul

© 2019 Elaine Weiner-Reed

Lost in the moment…connected across space and timeless rhythms.

Music absorbs her, then speaks for her.

Reinvented through her,

Her instrument takes on a unique voice tailored and forged by her breath

And spirit.



And unforgettable.

Each and every note created with all she has to give.

Her breath becomes her.

She becomes her music.

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