Challenge Accepted_Websize.jpg

Challenge Accepted

by Elaine Weiner-Reed

30 x 30 inches

Acrylic on Canvas


Stepping up…And stepping out.

She takes life in her own hands and OWNS it. She takes her first cautious step out of the crowd, Away from what she knows…her comfort zone.

Seeking something beyond her threshold or even her imagination.
She takes another step, encouraged by the first…her past and people still

Within sight…but she is breathing differently already…Untethered…or mostly. She keeps walking (physically and metaphorically)

Towards the unknown, a mysterious force threaded around her heart and which
pulls her forward as if by invisible threads.

Towards something…someone…
Her future yet to be written.

About the Series...

Elaine Weiner-Reed’s work is an ongoing excavation into the psychology of identity and relationships from the inside out. Identity is explored in all its layers and complexity: one size does not fit all. The development of one’s identity is a complex, evolving combination of personal history, attributes, character traits, gender, societal and cultural events or encounters, and myriad other demographic factors and life experiences.

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