Masks and Mirrors Gallery - Explorations of Identity

We are the Phoenix Rising


Elaine Weiner-Reed's “Masks and Mirrors - Explorations of Identity” series honors the human spirit in all its colors, resiliency, and fortitude. The Artist's work is an ongoing excavation into the psychology of relationships from the inside out. Her work focuses on unraveling the complexity and mystery of human emotion, choices, and behavior, featuring the individual within or outside of a group dynamic.

She recognizes the struggle and determination to survive. Personalities and psyches are formed from life moments, motivations, relationships, and experiences. From our first glimpses of ourselves in a mirror, in photographs, and in reflections in someone’s eyes, we question who we are and why we are here. We search for purpose, identity... As a result, we grow and change - inside and outside. In her work, Elaine Weiner-Reed examines what defines an individual - from upbringing to choices, challenges, interests, and chance encounters. From Ashes to Ashes, we rise, struggle, survive, triumph, and eventually, we sleep…our legacy determined and written in the paths we have taken, and choices made along the way. Weiner-Reed acknowledges the spirit and personal history of each character as they interact, envisioning their journeys as pictorial medleys evolving as their worlds turn.

Monuments to life, her creations resurrect feelings of transcendence, mystery, and hope.