Come What May websize.JPG

Come What May

by Elaine Weiner-Reed

36H x 24W Inches

Acrylic /Mixed Media


Come What May (Poem)

© 2019 Elaine Weiner-Reed

She tells herself that it is mostly good…and chooses to be happy and fine…

Come what may.

Surrounded in color and music, allowing it to fill and then shine through her, she is good…

Come what may.

Tides and seasons change…

at times quiet, at times raging…and she takes comfort in that,

Come what may.

This too shall pass, she intones,

Squaring her shoulders, releasing her troubles in staccato breathes.

Mindful of the everyday rhythms and music of life in its many technicolor seasons, she sits, allowing nature’s symphony to embrace her, ready now to face the world… come what may.

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