by Elaine Weiner-Reed

So many burdens carried, and challenges overcome…these everyday heroes we pass by or spend time with. Honoring human resiliency and fortitude. Continuing to walk, to be... Living life fully, come what may. Life is too short...and it is too sweet not to keep walking, despite the trials or pain.

Our legacy is being written as we walk.

60" x 36"



Elaine Weiner-Reed's "Masks and Mirrors: An Exploration of Identity" Solo Exhibition Series explores identity in all its facets, phases, trials, and tribulations. From one's first glimpse of self in the mirror to survival across time thanks to defense mechanisms with which we arm ourselves, this exhibition and series honors the journey, celebrates humanity, unravels relationships, and contemplates the Legacy of a life well-lived. Everyday heroes walk with and among us. Their lives inspire!

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